Okan Hastanesi Mobile App

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Okan University Hospital came into service in 2016 with the vision of contributing to the development of future health standards and becoming of the leading institutions in the health sector. Opened by Okan Culture, Education and Sports Foundation in 1999, Okan University constitutes the foundation of the hospital.

Okan Hospital asked PATH to create the Hospital APP for iOS and Android.

Seamless Integration

Ensure deep, seamless integration with OKAN's internal database of resources.

Content Discovery

Make it easy for users to find and access content like videos, photos, and articles in the app.


Personalize users’ mobile experience by tying in personal information like due date, wish lists, and more into the apps.

Cross-Platform Functionality

Ensure flawless mobile performance and functionality across iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Health Mobile Application UI/UX Design